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BYU has licensed the Pronunciator Language learning service with over 80 languages. Anyone may use these lessons free of charge. Click here: PRONUNCIATOR and create a free account.


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An excellent presentation on language teaching methodologies with video examples created by Professors Blair Bateman and Baldomero Lago is now available at

Enhance your major with a Digital Humanities minor!

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he College of Humanities at BYU offers an undergraduate minor degree in Digital Humanities and Technology through the Office of Digital Humanities. Students who earn this minor degree possess skills with technological tools and understand how these tools are used in humanities research and beyond.


The Humanities Learning Resources facility expects the following policies be understood and practiced by its patrons:

  1. Use of the HLR carrels, computers, and video viewing is open to anyone; however, BYU Honor Code, Dress and Grooming Standards, and Computer Use Policies are upheld. Violators are subject to loss of lab privileges as well as University discipline.
  2. Most audio and video materials must be used in the HLR lab. A picture ID may be held at the counter while the items are in use.
  3. For those items that may be checked out of the HLR facility, a current BYU ID card is required, although faculty and students of any other educational institution may be allowed to check out certain materials with permission.
  4. Camcorders and tripods may be checked-out by any student or faculty member for class work or other institutional activities. Any personal or commercial use or checkout by non-BYU students or staff must be requested through the HLR supervisor.
  5. Lab facilities are not to be used for games, personal work for hire, accessing pornography or other inappropriate material, or any other unauthorized use.
  6. Use of the HLR Recording Studio is primarily for College of Humanities projects; however, non-commercial personal projects are allowed under the conditions of copyright law, if the facility is available. Personal recording projects cannot be scheduled more than 24 hours in advance.
  7. The lab closes and all users must leave at the scheduled closing time. This includes closing for devotional and forum assemblies.
  8. The HLR adhears to the Brigham Young University copyright standards.
  9. The following fees will apply to late items:
    • Equipment Fees: $5 for the first hour, $1 for each additional hour, no maximum fee
    • Audio Cassette Fees: $0.10 daily, $2 maximum fee
    • Book Fees: $0.25 daily, $5 maximum fee
    • DVD Fees: $0.50 daily, $5 maximum fee
    • Patrons will be required to pay reimbursement for lost items or equipment damage.

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