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Please fill in the following form including:

Under details include the name of the room that you wish to reserve, how long you wish to reserve it, and what you are going to use the room for.
For multiple uses, please indicate the start time and day of the first reservation below and include the details for all other reservations under details
If you do not have a BYU Net Id, contact us at (801) 422-5424 or in person at 1141 JFSB

Thank you very much!

If we need to contact you, we will either email you at the email address listed in the BYU directory or call you at the phone number you provide.
(must be in the format of area code and number with no spaces or dashes e.g. 8014225424)
If your email address is unlisted or if you wish us to contact you at another address, please check here:

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